Tamarin K.

(they/them or she/her)

Pixel Artist
Junior Game Dev
Chiptune Composer

Art Gallery

Music Covers

Game Development

Terms of Service

These terms can be subjected to change at any time.


  • Please provide as many references as you can, even crudely drawn ones on MS Paint. Anything helps!

  • WIPs can be provided when requested, and would always be provided if it is an animation.

  • I usually stream my commission progress on my Twitch, you may ask for changes easier that way!

  • Please be patient, as my turnover usually varies from a week to two months. Don't be afraid to approach me about the commission's progress!

  • Be nice, and be civil! I have feelings too, and I have the right to reject your commission if you try to have beef with me.

  • Please respect my pronouns, and do not refer to me by my assigned name.


  • Higher complexities usually result in higher costs, especially for animation.

  • Payments is done, upfront, in full on Paypal, in USD.

  • If there are complications, I can only provide a full refund if: I have not started on your commission, or I am unable to complete your commission for whatever reason.

  • Refunds are not allowed for completed commissions.


  • Please do not remove, modify or change any signatures or watermarks from the commissions. If there are minor edits to be made, please contact me within a month.

  • As the artist of the commission, I am allowed to use your commissioned art in other mediums, such as portfolios, showcases, posts, etc. Any original design, such as OCs, will remain rightfully yours.

  • As the commissioner, you may use the art for personal use, posts, etc. However, please provide credit whenever possible.

  • These commissions cannot be used commercially, please discuss this with me before commissioning me in the first place.


I'm Cool With

  • OC Content

  • Furry/Anthro

  • Human

  • Pairings (consent required if it's characters you do not own)

  • OCs from Franchises (eg. Pokemon, Digimon)

  • Fan Art

No No Bro

  • NSFW Stuff (yet)

  • Extremely complicated designs, like, extremely

  • Hateful/Offensive Content

  • Detailed Gore (cuts/minor bruises OK)

  • Anything I'm uncomfortable with (negotiable)

Got All That?

Then let's do this!


Please read the Terms of Service
before proceeding!

River City Reserves

Base $40

  • Your character if they were in River City Girls!

  • The sprite is approx. 48×72, the image 100×100

  • No animation, sorry!

  • BG ripped from game itself

Accursed Saviours

Starts at $30
+$35 for Simple/Idle Animations
+$65 for Complex Animations

  • Your character if they were in Momodora RUtM!

  • The sprite is approx. 20×40, the image 64×64

  • Animation OK!

  • BG ripped from game itself

Character Cards

Starts at $40
+$65 for Simple/Idle Animations
+$130 for Complex Animations

  • Your character with their stats and power levels!

  • The sprite is approx. 28×52, the image 120×80

  • Animation OK!

  • Simple coloured BG with character info (eg. names, attack power, character stats, etc.)



  • Anything you want that's not here? Contact me!

  • Price can vary depending on complexity and effort

  • Simple animation OK!

  • I can try for backgrounds, but nothing too complex